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Consider this a bit of a State of the Podcast episode, we brush over how things are going on the back end very quickly and remind everyone to enter into the 3 in 3 contest, deadline is this Wednesday the 21st! Its a bit of a morose weekend here in Philadelphia, football team under preforming coldest air in quite some time and a massive project all put the damper on a nice weekend.

However today’s show is a testament to the pervasiveness of the content i cover, its not just that I have to do a show twice a week but i was to spread it out any farther The sheer volume of content would swamp me! We have a bit on the inauguration and how it relates to coffee of all things. We cover some of the silly kitchen products that are leaking their way to market and we hit, briefly on the top 3 stories of the last week.


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Enjoy the Episode!

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3 in 3 contest Details, listen to enter, last chance before the 21st!

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