Today’s Show:   Pokey Stick, usb drives, lego art, techcrunch, google, gloves, and boy scouts

Not only is today the day that just wouldn’t end but this sickness has me gripped up and is looking for lunch money. For the 3rd show in a row i am forced to apologize up front on how i sound, because if you heard how I sound inside my own head you’d understand.

But with all that aside this week has proven to be quite fertile grounds for news and cruft in general. We   cover some of the more heady topics floating about on the internet, discuss the Challenger disaster and   give a quick review of the coffee media stories from the past year. We also get into some of the ways Google is changing their services and offering new features.

All in all sickness aside i have a great feeling about this show and I hope you can say the same after listening.


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Enjoy the Episode!

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Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People