Today’s Show:   Infection, Coffee, Beer, Mice, Star Wars, Star Trek, Earthquakes

I can hear clearly now the cold is gone! The last vestiges of the cold that wouldn’t die are slowly leaving my body, but not without some crazy consequences, and some seriously lost time and momentum in my online world. I feel like i lost two weeks of my life here, still have the broken hand though. On today’s show we hit some of the news that was missed since last week, Zombie Sightings, Google acting up and a fun bunch of links. Coffee Printers?   Beer engines? yup they’re all here in tonight’s fantastic, fanfare worthy   Return to health edition.

I’ve been much more productive both at work and at home this week, and its only Wednesday. I restarted my cultural anthropology blog / web presence index If   that type of discussion is your cup of tea check it out. I’m always looking for feedback


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Enjoy the Episode!

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