Today’s Show:   Tim Hortons, Cold Stone, Bento, Road signs, ACME, Ray guns, guitars, Legos, Star trek, Twitter Tales of Customer Service

After yet another way too quick weekend we find ourselves staring down the barrel of a work week. What better way to kick things off then with a Valentine’s Week Warm up.   Not some mushy, heart to heart talk with you the audience but rather just dealing exclusively in stories I know you’ll love. Cheesy? Yes! True? Also yes.

Today’s show has a couple of smaller themes within and a good balance between the caffeinated geeky sides to the coin. Fidelity makes a strong case for a resurgence of vinyl, a better way to listen and better ways to consume tech in general, Stick around for the caffeinated times as well, were we discuss a brand merger in the caffeinated world some gripes over starbucks, gift cards, and some interesting products all around. As you can see its going to be a great show, So i hope you enjoy!

I also make another plea to review the Kindle hands on, because there is no way I’m going to be able to drop that type of coin so a gadget I haven’t seen. Hey it worked for Stephen Colbert with the iPhone, Amazon… I’d like a Kindel.


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Enjoy the Episode!

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Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People