Today’s Show:   Clocks, Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo, Lego, Zombies, Cameras, Robots, Design, Starbucks and Coffee

A day after people either love being around or can’t wait till its over we find topics that bring everyone together. Walking through a who’s who and major brand name dropping we peek into the stories floating around online to see whats really behind the announcements and how they’re trying to separate you from your hard earned cash.

We’re also opening the show up to suggestions for notable charities and causes that fit into the geek culture or coffee Cruft sections. Help us spread your words. I’m also very excited to explain a new series of articles coming out in the next couple of weeks called Tech in Tough Times, we’re going to be focusing on helping you get the most out of your machine and your software. So sit back, enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated ~!


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Enjoy the Episode!

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