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Today’s episode is going to be an interesting ride, and its the first show in a while where i can’t come up with a good title right off the bat. Since we have returned to writing articles there is plenty of fodder for commentary in the shows, we’re going to try and keep up a decent pace, probably not 2 or 3 posts a day but there is a decent backlog of information that does need to get out, I’ll try to space it out so the content is as fresh as always.

The content for today’s show is serious at times, light hearted at others and takes a good chuck of time and devotes it to the Consumable portion of the episode. So many great stories its hard to find a place to put them all. Please be sure to check the tumblr feed, the stories which rock but don’t quite make it are always shuffled off the there right before the show deploys.

As always Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

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