Today’s Show:   Weather, Lego, Silly Putty, Coffee, Kindle 2, Retro, Steampunk, Geneva Convention, Yerba Mate, Popcorn, Weddings, and Cancer

This show has some absolutely great content from pressing issues on the Internet as a whole to some fun new designs working on old problems. One thing that always gets me is when people put enough effort into a product or a design and just miss the finishing touches, the small bits of finish that really set aside a good piece from a great piece, unfortunately we have a couple of those examples as well.

Over all this is a strong show with content from a wide variety of topics and sources and I hope that the Title and the content on the episode really explore the duality of living online. You are both virtual and real at the same point as some of the stories I found are old and new, polar opposites in one combination or just a perfect match. The entire day around the Caffination Lair has felt like it was waiting for something exciting and something fun, I’d like to welcome you to that exciting and Fun event right now.

As always Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

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