Today’s Show:   robots, gardens, NES, Pacman, Dragon, turntables, GE, Math, Pi, Coffee, Scanwhiches, Sushi, review, TP

Tonight’s episode was almost labeled The Wasteful because of the huge number of leftovers after this show was created. I simply could not cram any more awesome into the time slotted. While the podcast could theoretically go on forever we had to draw the line somewhere, and that line was here.

Instead I decided to break it down into the two most represented categories R and R is Retro and Robots, a metric ton of awesome in each subcat. Caffeinated all the way in today’s show we speak of coffee as fuel for your car, fuel for your mind, and robots which tend gardens. We discuss the finery of Pacman, the majesty of Zork and the horror of modern advertising which is so cool you can’t avert your eyes.

This Episode also could have been called the Birthday Super Throwdown Edition.

Happy birthday to My father in Law, My Father and My Sister!

So Please Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

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