Today’s Show:   Java, Coffee, Legos, Steampunk, Fuel Cells, Pacman, Sheep, Beer, soap, and Copycats

There is just so much awesome news to spread around, times like these make you wish you could pause the internet to even the content out over the course of a year. Not only is the Back Channel of the CaffiNation full of new and fun content, but we had to bring back the Quick Hits Section. What is that? Well we have previously had a section dedicated to short rapid fire news blips that I felt needed to be shared but not dwelt upon. Seriously if I gave every story the time and respect they all deserve we could be here a while… And no one really wants that this show is all about a ton of content crammed into a sardine can of a space. Every show you get a 5 pound cat delivered in a 3 pound box.

On tonight’s show we have an update with a better source from last show’s robo fish story, now it actually makes sense! We also have a couple reminders on what software needs upgrading on your home pc, a great new tech show to listen in on and a ton of crazy content all over. Along with crazy tales of how The land speed record might be broken by steam punks, things to scare your children and friends, a Mammoth lego story and Coffee news and tidbits bringing up the rear. Packed show, which is why its called the Crammed Edition, the Ijustcan’tfitanythingelse edition was a bit overkill. As always Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

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