Today’s Show:   Joy, Lego, Mario, Carbon Fibre, Carbon Footprint, Gold, Green Tech, Gardens, Helicopters, Pools, Peeps, LEDs, Linux, Pacman, Japan

Before I get down into the show I wanted to again mention how happy I am for my good friends Jimmy and Cathy. As they start their life together I wish them nothing but the best the world has to offer, but know that they already found that in each other.


Their cake topper, Guess who sends me 60% of the Lego Stories

Today’s show is all about things that make me happy, not really a few of my favorite things but definitely a stream of consciousness show pulled together from stories which struck my fancy, and intrigued me to know more. Sometimes its simply a headline, other times the whole concept spoke to me on some level. I really enjoy putting shows together like this so hopefully that comes through in the final take.

So I ask you to come with me on this fun little adventure as we stroll through he gardens of tech jokes and the glades of   caffeinated dreams. A bit flowery of a description but hey its springtime.

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