Today’s Show is awake, yet tired

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The weather has taken a turn for the awesome and I’m starting to feel much better so Its time for the yearly dedicated show to outdoor geekery and good manly grilling, errr… Alright so i never announced it before but each year I usually throw a show out there with a preponderance of grilling and outdoorsy type news into the mix, so this would be that Show.

I am however still in a heavy mental fog, i can’t rationalize what i want to do with what I can do at this point. Which is why the episode is some hours late and more than a bit disjointed. Apologies all around and I hope you enjoy the Daylight version of the CaffiNation. Yellow Face… it burns us* Bonus points if you know the reference

Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

Geek Cruft

Food & Caffeinated Bits

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!