The Erosion of rights online is upon us, but we also have Jello, booze & legos all in the same episode, coffee anyone?

Fight for your rights online!

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With more and more of our lives being spent online it a wonder that the erosion of our rights has taken this long to really start to degrade this far. If you’ve been listening to the show for any length of time you probably know that i’m a fan of an open carrier / content neutral internet. My packet isn’t any more important than yours everyone has to wait in line.

Some days its hard to put into words exactly how i feel but basically Censorship breeds even worse horrors by pushing them under the rug. Information wants to be free. But i also don’t like it when people climb up on their soapboxes and preach to the heavens, we have a couple articles pointing to some of the real danger zones of policy floating about right now. But we like to cut the drug with funny stories designed to break up the nasty. Because while we all want to save the trees no one wants to feel guilty all the time. This will hopefully turn out to be a light and fluffy version of a rant.

Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

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