Cry Havoc and let loose the Dogs of war.

Mayhem in the CaffiNation Lair

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We’ve been invaded by another animal. not that I’m complaining I love dogs. The newest denizen of the CaffiNation Lair is named Suki, which fits into the food theme we have going around here. Its a bit harder to get an episode together with a fun little dog running about.

Today’s show is packed with interesting tidbits, quite a few of which were sent in by listeners. Thanks to everyone who supports the show Either by sending in stories or emails. You’re going to find out about coffee breath, Kona beer, Video games, flamethrowers, legos and so much more. We’re back on schedule and back to normal so things should be falling back into place shortly.

Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

Geek Cruft

Food & Caffeinated Bits

Today’s Coffee: Chock Full of Nuts in an office Coffee Pot

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!