No rest till its done

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So how tired do you need to be to fall asleep with a dog and a cat laying on you? I can now answer that question with authority. So i slept right through the alarms for recording my episode last night and this is capping a rather sloppy quarter of podcasting. I’m going to need to shift some things around in order to keep up the pace. We have a rather even show planned for tonight, with equal sides of Tech and Food. From Legos to open source, caffeine affecting mice to ring pops this show is loaded for bear with neat links and stories.

Hope your week started out swimmingly, this past weekend was non stop outdoor fun, so by the end of it I slept past the finish line. This has been a busy summer so far and it only looks to get more interesting.

I have a couple fun articles in the works for later on and I’m goign t5o try my hand at video for my attempt at home roasting, at least it will be humerus to watch me try not to destroy a batch of coffee on camera

The CaffiNation is also very proud to take part in the Summer of Podcasts Contest Head on over and check out the shows rocking the codeword this week.

Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

Geek Cruft

Food & Caffeinated Bits

Today’s Coffee was a French Press Sumatran (HR)

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!