A Rossum of Robots? How Rossom would that be?

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It seems that my entry into the BotJunkie Collective Noun contest was one of the three finalist. I shall vigorously defend my collective noun as the one true choice. A rossum of robots was chosen for its alliterative possibilities, and its historical context.

Today’s show has a ton of great content stretching from Russian UFO’s to Green tech in Fed Ex. We cover a nifty product sent into the podcast to review as well as a couple other finer articles and points in caffeinated living. Some shows are fueled by caffeine, some only scrape their way out the door because of it. This show is one of those. The network was down for a couple hours the pets are staging a full on revolt and its a dark and stormy night… Snoopy is no where to be found

The CaffiNation is also very proud to take part in the Summer of Podcasts Contest Head on over and check out the shows rocking the codeword this week. Week Four is Underway!Time is winding down to get involved and submit your codewords. make sure you head on over and check out the goodies.

Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

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Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!