Getting hard to see through all this mental fog

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Tonight we’re not running behind schedule so much as we’re procrastinating splendidly. I’ve been putting off doing the show tonight for a ton of different reasons. but either way we’re trying something new. Rather than releasing the show as soon as its done I’ll be posting it the next day at 12:30, Eastern. So from now on Monday and Thursday lunch hour will debut the next version of the Caffination.

Things to look forward to? Well this week i have two neat reviews coming out on for a product and another for a place. I’ll also be posting a recipe for my Veggie chili so you can join in on the fun at home. So many more things to talk about so why don’t you listen in.

Today we’ll be discussing Legos, Robots, iPods, Bananas, and Copyright. Anythings fair game in this episode.

Enjoy the show!

News in brief

Geek Cruft

Food and Caffeinated Bits:

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!