Start me up and Simmer Down

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So things have been a bit crazier than usual of late. Semester is in full swing and the long weekend meant lots of fun with the family and work on the Lair. I love doing demolition work, give me something and tell me to wreck it and I’m a happy guy. The problem with owning a house is that its also your job to build it back up again. So several projects started and a ton of energy expended. At the end of the day i’m left with a big pile of junk I happily destroyed and a swath of destruction which now begs to be fixed.

But neither here nor there, a thousand pardons for missing the past show but as you hear our weekend i hope you understand. We are gearing up for PodCamp Philly at work and lots of stuff is in motion. At the lair, or whats left of it we have a new resident in the lair itself. Iggy now lives next to the podstation so down here the studio the studio is teaming with life.

Today’s show has some love for beer, tea, coffee, college, specifics, and OS wars. How Much fun can we cram into one show. Why not stop by and see.

Enjoy the show!

News in brief

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Food and Caffeinated Bits:

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Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!