Podcamp Philly was a hit for most people, Quick run down of what went down coupled with a few bits of random awesomeness thrown in.

Podcamp done, I feel stretched a bit thin, but happy overall

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To say the weekend, and by extension the past week has been busy would be an outright lie. It has been a non stop parade of tiny little awesome things lining up to be done. Well I sit here having done about half of them, some i feel were done really well, others lacked a bit in the execution. I’ll explain as we go through the show but this episode is going to be a different sort of show.

There is a new contest from Jeffery Powers over at Podcast Madness, Enter the code blogsimple for a chance to win a year-long subscription to Mozy, a web backup solution. Listen to the show for a second chance to enter. Lots of shows are involved and each one of us has a different code so be sure to head over to to see the rest of the Motley Crew.

Enjoy the show!

PodCamp Philly

  • My Original Session : Graphic Design Basics
  • Run Down of the events, the excuses and the fun
  • Filling in with @Podcaststeve, of Professional Podcasts, tap dancing, many questions answered
  • Remember to tag everything #pcphilly3
  • Everything is a learning experience, help us get better
  • If you don’t like how things went down volunteer to help set them right next year

Geek Cruft

Food and Caffeinated Bits:

  • I have a batch of coffee and Coffee Gadgets arriving tomorrow!
  • Why type of Coffee Geek are you?

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