So sleep did not come, and technology has risen up against me

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I have often related a belief held dearly by one of my previous employers. He always  said, whatever it is that you do for a living will end up causing you no end of difficulties at home. Meaning if you’re a plumber prepare for a lifetime of leaks, electricians blown fuses are in your future. The Computer guy? Hows about a whole bunch of off the wall nonsense errors and mishaps? Well tonight yet again I feel that pain. Nothing seemed to gel correctly for me. I decided to go with the flow and try and do the best that I could. Windows 7, Apple’s Mice and  Missteps, The Nook, The evils of DRM, Disney, legos star war, its mass mayhem here

I had an awesome time doing TPN Weekly at the start of the week, however productivity  dropped  right after that.

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