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A lot of fun and spooky things happen around the lair this week, first of all the Phillies are in the World Series, for the second year in a row if that doesn’t scare people I don’t know what will. Other than that we’ve been trying to be as productive as possible reading the ton of content flowing out of the net to cull only the most awesome stories for our show.

I have to tell you being that Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays it has been killing me these past couple of years to not put good effort into costume or decor, Next year that needs to change.

There is a new contest from Jeffery Powers over at  Podcast Madness, Enter the code  blogsimple for a chance to win a year-long subscription to Mozy, a web backup solution. Listen to the show for a  second chance to enter. Lots of shows are involved and each one of us has a different code so be sure to head over to to see the rest of the gang. Hurray time is running out you only have till October 31st! Last Chance!

Enjoy the show!

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