Apologies ahead of time for the quality of my voice today

I’m very stuffed up. Didn’t think it showed as much as it did. After editing the show it sounds pretty funny if i do say so myself. think clothespin on the nose.

So the caper went down like this the wife baked cookies today, not just any cookies but chocolate chip cookies, thus starts the descent into madness around the holidays. I’ve been working on the lair most of the weekend including a goodly time today, so a stolen cookie is my reward. They may be being saved for a family function later on this week, but they tasted sooo good.

By the by… stolen cookies topped with uncooked cookie dough is a lesson in love… right there on your  tongue, it dances. But you came to learn about tech and all other manner of fun things. I have a snippet of tech a little bit of deals and a couple morsels of caffeinated hijinks to saite you for the week.  This episode is dubbed the sneaking cookies, because that act of theft powered the show into the wee hours of the morning.

The  Podcast Madness continues, they’re now giving away an Epson Artisan 810, on a spiffy new site no less. I love Epson printers, you simply can’t beat them for clarity and brilliant colors, and these loons are giving a good printer away scott free. Well you do have to listen in to our show and the others in the mix to get you chances. Last chance to enter till  November  25th

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Enjoy the show!

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