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I’m sitting here hoping that it stays this way but at this point I’m the last man standing in the house health wars. Both the wife and the boy are under the weather, but the boy is probably directly related to the sleep he is or isn’t getting. Had just enough energy to put the finishing touches on the lair. only a couple more photo’s to print and hang and we’re good to go. Its been a long road.

In the world of technology we’re fast approaching Cyber Monday, the day we are told a ton of online shopping occurs. While i detest the inflated holiday rush to spend, i’d much rather support a day where no one gets crushed under the weight of a doorbuster sale.

Today’s show has a hodgepodge of crazy news but a strong retro vibe is definitely rocking the internet lately. We’re frequently  referencing  much simpler times, the economy is forcing our hand, and is globalization of data, and content.

The news piled up something fierce this past long weekend and since i spent most of it away with family and friends i have no clue what i missed. So find  something  awesome send it in!

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