Jumping on the Holiday Sleigh Early this year

The holidays are continuing their relentless march towards the present, and the presents. While this time of year is usually spent covered in materialism please remember to keep everything in perspective and sometime just you is gift enough.

That aside lets ogle some spiffy gadgets, not necessarily  buy. But think of this show as window shopping in the geekiest of places. We take a look at some spiffy things coming down the chimney, hear tales of a mythical  Lego  menorah and stare in wonderment at the bounty of links in front of us. I hope  you  enjoy today’s episode. Try to join in on the live chat next  Wednesday  as well! Stay tuned to twitter to find out the time.

As live shows go this one was rather nice, only problem was that i droned on much more than i wanted to. You can always watch the live version for the unedited CaffiNation, complete with pretty pictures, i marked all the stories removed from the show and put them in a  separate  section as an FYI, but they live on in the live version.

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Enjoy the show!

Holiday Cruft

Geek Cruft:

Food and Caffeinated Bits:

Cropped Cruft, not ready for prime-time content or commentary

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