Massive Hundred Year Blizzard! But not really that bad

You wouldn’t think two feet of snow would affect a show taped, recorded and researched entirely in my basement would you? Well if you spend a good deal of the morning shoveling and the rest of the day drinking coco you might end up a might bit tired. Sitting down to research the show I soon fell fast asleep. A couple of hours later the wife woke me up, so I made lunches and went to bed.

This episode has all that content but without the yawning and bleary eyes that would otherwise have followed. I’m toying with the idea of going on Hyadis after show 394 until after the new year, so you’ll need to wait until then to find out. I’d like to take the break to start ramping up for the 4oo in 4 event. The CaffiNation Podcast will turn 4 years old on January 9th, and celebrate our 400th show shortly thereafter

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