New Year… New Tech, No Voice

On the 4th  Anniversary  of starting this show (01/09/10) I’ll be opening up a new show. Mostly doing video this show will take on one product or fun gadget and give you a rundown. Hopefully it will be entertaining, hopefully eventually might even pay for itself. But thats far down the road. Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks to everyone walking with us into the year 2010. Tonights show should hopefully give you a fun glimpse back into 2009’s Tech and glance forward. I know a ton of other shows have done this angle to death so we won’t bore you to death. There’s just too much new stuff to talk about.

Apologies ahead of time for the volume issues on this show. Talk-beds and other such nonsense got out of hand at times, and my voice being in tatters doesn’t help the situation. That left no chance for a redo on the record.

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