Live show, New Show!

Yesterday we passed our 4 year anniversary of going live to hard-drive. its been a fun ride so far, and tom commemorate the occasion i decided to start another podcast. Check out for a video take on things. still getting a handle on workflow and its only going to get better. Think of this as the soft launch. I’m not done the site yet but needed to start doing content to get thingas going or It might never get off the ground.

This wednesday we will be switching to 11 pm eastern for the forseable  future for the live shows, it has been too hard to try and get everything done and this face ready for TV by 10. 3 coats of shalack just won’t work.

On today’s show we touch on some CES tomfoolery, awesome robotic hyjinks and even better food and caffeinated gadgets. Can anyone explain how google chrome has such a bad spell checker? When i can search for Google with my misspelling and they know what I Really meant to type?

CaffiNation  Live on Wednesday Nights at 11pm Eastern

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Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!

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