Delayed taping but not dampened spirits

Switching to 11 pm eastern time for the live show is  already  paying off slacking dividends. It allows me enough time to actually research for the show last minute after the house calms down for the night. But always leave room for messups when dealing with computers! A truth that eluded me tonight.

One “Oh Poopy” erases ten “Atta boys”… this week in work has been rough. Trying to get new tech to work with old software is not even close to being the cat or its pajamas. But press on we must.

Tonights show has a good mix of both sections. We go from how social media is effecting change in earthquake ravaged regions of Haiti to talking about the Universities being forced to pull Kindles. On the lighter side we discuss the evils of  flavored  coffee, dirty decaf, and  some awesome eating utensils for kids.

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