One step  forward  and two steps back.

The start of the semester is still in full swing in my office, from fixing plotters to reimaging computers we are busy as anything. All that work during the day, all that crazy busy schedule leaves me mentally drained by the end of the everything.

As it turns out the video portion of the Cruftcast should have been a lot smoother, but i haven’t had the energy to put into making it look right. There will be an episode up by wednesday, and hopefully a much shorter duration in between thereafter. Its all in the workflow, and I’ve been doing work in audio so long that my video skills are beyond rusty

Tonight’s show will be a bite sized CaffiNation. I’ve changed the way the backchannel works here at the CaffiNation. For things that are work safe and on topic you’ll start to see a lot more bite sized posts appear on the website  throughout  the week from design geekery to caffeinated goodness mini articles and references will pop up and show you the way. However for the random bits of detris and the slightly off color remarks will still hold sway.

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