Its an HTTP Error Silly

With last week being off the charts crazy We’rte hoping for a much more sedate and productive week this time around. In that spirit we’ve been sending nothing but positive  waves man. Google waves, non withstanding. By the by if you want an invite to google wave drop me a line and I’ll send one your direction.

Tonights show was a fun process, I’m always working on the details of creating a CaffiNation Episode, so from time to time the hiccups in production create a happy accident. This was one of those times, i messed up the machine i use for recording only to find it better set up the new way. Hopefully the quality comes through in the end.

I’m focusing on putting more content on the blog as a whole, updates daily and one off fun news and design stories all week long. Its like a to go portion of my special brand of crazy. However for the random bits of detris and the slightly off color remarks will still hold sway.

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