Only you can make this show work

SO apparently the snow and housework has taken a huge toll on my available energy. So the show has also had its worst month of episodic breaks in quite some time. I’ll make sure that this is the end of such ¬†shenanigans.

Any podcaster worth his salt or his shovel would have dug out and continued on. But apparently being stuck in the house for long periods of time with not much to do struck a cord in our family and we started a project. Hanging our new TV on the Wall, including cabling the beast behind the wall. If i felt comfortable that i Did it the right way I would have written it up as a wonderful how too, I still might. But this house is such that no good intended project goes unpunished. ¬†So we’ll give you a rundown on that was well.

Random bits of detris and the slightly off color remarks

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