Where oh Where di the blog post go? Server has been down / database problems abounding for a day now, and i’m back in. Somehow this episode got  deleted, but the fun thing about that is that it had been up for a day and a half before anything had happened to i am at a loos for words…

From Bleeding Glaciers to well placed products and people this show touches briefly on all the awesome bits of pop culture geek cruft and caffeinated goodness floating about the interwebs tonight!

Tonight’s show is a perfect example of why Sunday Shows simply can’t be live, but can still be awesome. I started researching the show with the idea of a bite sized version of the caffination to put up. A couple of stories here and there and early to bed. Well it wasn’t to be there was just too much awesome floating around on the interwebs to truncate the show too much.

This is shaping up to be a crazy week, with the kidlettes all gone for spring break I have a ton of stuff to get back on track. After this the crazy sprint to the end of the semester begins. Its funny how working at a university, this closely with the students, shifts your focus to the  condensed  timeline  that students use. Either way its going to be an interesting ride.

Next week we start to gear up for the Adopt a newb celebration so I’m  going  to be talking about that a bit as well.

Random bits of cruft and the slightly off color remarks

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