Well color me surprised!

So this weekend appeared to be just like any other, a bit full but otherwise not too bad as of friday. I was blindsided with a surprise birthday party by my lovely wife on Saterday, setting the tone for a great weekend. Hopefully you all had something similar in your past. I’m slightly roasted as well given that we also attened the Sakura Sunday event here in beautiful Philadelphia. Lots of stuff to do, and most of it done without tech. Nice to unplug from tiem to time.

But that just means we have to step up the game when it comes to this episode. I think i have selected a bunch of both fun and interesting stories to let you know about. Not the least of which being an awesome announcement to those of you using Boxee, or Roku boxes. The CaffiNation is now available on the TechPodcast Channel on Boxee, and the Blubrry channel on the Roku! Man that spiffy new logo looks pretty nice sitting up there on the TV.

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Live show to resume This week! 11pm Eastern Daylight Time

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