Happy Mother’s Day! Rocking this episode well caffeinated,

Hope you remembered to call or visit the special ladies in your life today. It was a very nice day overall, visited both sides and still had plenty of movie and popcorn moments in our house as well. Duff sitting is always great fun, as are popcorn and movie afternoons.

So the video feed from last  Wednesday  got cut short, so i never posted to to the live stream but we still went live with a Week in Review CaffiNation Shots for last week, Check it out!

Tonights show is a cobbled together bit of fun from the wilds of the internet. Apparently Space, Privacy Aliens, Robots and Coffee all played big over the weekend. So we talk about a bit from each of those categories as well as a few select nuggets from beyond those as well.

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Geek Cruft

Food and Caffeinated Bits

So I was born in the same year as PacMan, and the Wife the same year as Ms. Pacman… weird

Many Thanks for listening, Stay Caffeinated!

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