Hoping for smooth sailing,

So this may be the last show for a bit, or it could be the last one until the next one. Tomorrow I am called upon to do my civic duty, Jury Duty. That could mean nothing or it could mean a long thing, who knows. I know quite a few people of late who where picked so its anyone’s guess what will happen. So I decided to make this a good one.

This show was planned to be live, and hopefully no video issues like last time will prevent us from making good on the Live Stream video on after the fact. last week’s show was truncated and i decided not to post it.

Tonights show was all about geek culture, from awesome retro designs, to knowledge you might need in a battle of geeks, we round out the show with a little zombie blood, some fresh steamed eggs and a whole serving of awesome piped right into your ears.

Last Week in Review CaffiNation Shots for The week ending May 8th

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Many Thanks for listening, Stay Caffeinated!

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