You can’t record if you’re not awake

On a nice cool Wednesday Night I sat down to write a bit of a blog post, move some stories around, i have over an hour and a half till showtime so i put my feet up. I then wake up over an hour and a half AFTER the scheduled time… A quick check online and a suggestion from Norbert and i head off to bed to try again on the morrow…

By the By episode 430 must have been so nice I named it twice. the whole recording of this show I referred to 431 as 430, but it isn’t its really 431, stay with me here. Terribly Sorry about that.

This is that morrow, and the show has only grown since then. More Stories some apologies and more awesome. Sit down, perk up and grab a mug of your favorite roast. We’re going full steam, a bit of froth maybe a dash of cinnamon. I’m planning on a great show lets see how it ends up together.

We’re Talking about Star Wars Coffee, Beer, Legos, Tetris, Politics, Physics, Wine, and the wide open sea.

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A Very Happy 5 Year Anniversary to my lovely wife!

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Many Thanks for listening, Stay Caffeinated!

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