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Tonight’s  show is a rarity, not only am I full of energy but I’m mildly prepared as well. We were going to attempt a live show, which didn’t work out, and I’ll be discussing some of the big video problems I have been having of late, between flv’s not converting to mp4’s not jiving with web playback we have been running the gamut of crazy off the wall errors.

For some reason the motivation, time and energy haven’t all been there at the same time. I have no clue if it is the spring / summer air or whatever. But I wanted to put the call out for anyone who wanted to get their feet wet with blogging, try a guest post every once in a while I’m looking at ways to make the blog and podcast better. Also still trying to fix the crazy video issues we have had over the last couple episodes as well.

Tonight’s show deals with every different aspect of tech and geekery that we could find, from viral heartstrings to crazy Lego concoctions we covered a ton of ground and hopefully created a fun episode  for  you


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