Back To Basics, Taste Nipped in the Bud

Tonight’s  show is a throwback of sorts, when I first started this show it was only 15 minutes long, and at one point the content and the babble ballooned up to over an hour for one episode. I then promptly cut it back to a sweet 35 minutes on average. This show is slated to be a bit short because the news has been a little light and rather than waste time digging through week old news I wanted to produce a coherent show instead. Back then i wouldn’t spend the whole night digging to fill out the show. I would deal with the good stuff in front of me. So rather than  stretching  themes or trying too hard I thought we’d go with the good stuff i already have.

I wanted to put the call out for anyone who wanted to get their feet wet with blogging, try a guest post every once in a while I’m looking at ways to make the blog and podcast better.

Tonight’s show showcases  Oil, Spills out some awesome LEGO stories and comes a back to basics with some good old fashioned Coffee and Tea news. We also managed to shoehorn in some mario and a little MIT style Hacking too. Join us!

Due to some complaints about the file quality and my own review we are going back to slightly larger but better quality episodes until i can figure out what went wrong in the process. Same great show, now with richer sound.


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