A lot of prep involved in making the Show and The Lair ready

Things are getting crazy around the homestead. We have a lot of things to do, but half the fun in life is getting there. Also I’ve been  playing  around with the setup for recording and found a fun little fact out. By hanging blankets from a clothes line in my lair I mute the echo which was  plaguing  my show after the basement  renovation. So After finding that little fun fact out accidentally It was a relief to get that sorted out.

Tonights show we talk about steam punk transformers, a change in coffee attitude, latitude and  temperature, as well as lot of  Vader. Geek out with  a lovely little wander through the good and the bad of the android and apple, star wars and sci fi.

We are dealing with a Video snafu, again. First we have the conversation problem, can’t get the recorded video out of FLV format, secondly the show stopped recording in the middle, I restarted but managed to loose a good 10 minutes of great content. The good thing here is that it IS recorded in the video version so If you would like to follow along there you can see everything.


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Geek Cruft

Due to a recording Error the following Topics are ONLY on the video version of the show

Food and Caffeinated Bits

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