Tidy is the Name of the game: It Ain’t Easy Being Clean

There is plenty to do around the house right now, i just have to be sure not to mess anything up too  badly, there would be consequences, so besides staying out of trouble and getting things set up in work for me being out for a bit we’re on autopilot.

Tonight’s show we talk about Star Wars, again! propaganda again! and steampunk AGAIN! The topics are staying the same but the content just keeps flowing. The good thing is that the content, like a grape left on the vine through a frost, is only getting sweeter. We have plenty of cruft from all different angles pouring in so sit back, grab a mug and enjoy the ride!

With no end to the video problem in site I might just give in and call off the video show for right now, Or see if i can approach the video from a different camera angle. If you have ever converted an FLV from Ustream into an actual  usable  file I’d love to hear it your process. Basically that is m,y problem, i can’t find a way to reliably convert the flv into a  manageable  format. Ustream has  some  funky encoding going on.


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