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I fixed the problem with coffee in the house. Forgot I could program a drip brewer I have in the basement. Now on to tougher issues like why my baby monitor sounds like the new kid is on dialup, I swear it was a 14.4 to boot. Between Cell Phones, wifi, Baby monitors, cordless phones, clickers and anything else  wireless  in your house these airwaves are getting pretty crowded. .

I have a bunch of fun lighthearted news stories for you from the tech realm, and awesome bit of geek cookery on the caffeinated bit side, so you wanted Caffeinated steak? I have that one, and it tasted oh so good.

When things calm down and we have a schedule back in place I’ll keep more up on the news, Or you can always send your lovely bits of cruft in to us and we’ll get right on it. I have a couple fun reviews coming up, a bit more video if i can do it as well. So in short this should be fun.

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