While I may have found the track, I’m not sure i’f I’m on it yet

Fun times are hear again, it is  Wednesday, the day with the secret N. Its also time for yet another installment of the CaffiNation Podcast. While I may have found a bit of energy in some dark mystic corner of the coffee pot, there is no garuntee that I’ll be able to keep the party going for long. So with that in mind i cut out the junk and found only some fo the most interesting and offbeat content to share for the night.

Tonight’s show has a bit of things you may hear  elsewhere, Like Net  Neutrality  and Facebook Places A bit you may find intriguing like Coffee toothpicks and bits that just had to be shared because of their sheer  awesomeness, like a set of filing cabinets… Wait…. Doesn’t sound too awesome? Well you need to listen in to find out why they ARE!


Check Back and Forward, New codes but the old still work!

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Geek Cruft

Food and Caffeinated Bits

Many Thanks for listening, Stay Caffeinated!

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