We’re all here because we’re not all there tonight!

Finding the time is not getting easier per say, but rather working with less time and less planned time is getting a bit smoother. I’m guessing i was just out of practice at working on no sleep. Beyond that things are pretty normal around here. And everything is moving along in work, There is something very satisfying about tackling problems with time to work on them.

About Tonight’s show, we have a mish mash of lighthearted news overall. I steered clear of the doom and gloom. Looking for a way to un-acoustify your guitar? Perhaps you wanted to know Look for  secrets  from your armchair and a  Google  earth install? Or  mayhaps  you wanted to cheer on your favorite nerd themed sports teams? Well all of those fun little bits as well as a goodly helping of caffeinated bits are yours for the taking.


Check Back and Forward, New codes but the old still work!

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Geek Cruft

Food and Caffeinated Bits

Many Thanks for listening, Stay Caffeinated!

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