Back to reality? Or is this just a weird dream.

Podcamp Philly was awesome. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my sessions, both the graphics workshop and the Podcasting Basics. If you missed it don’t worry I’m working on a revised version for this site that will go up soon. I do have some fun announcements regarding some of the designs showcased during the event. I am putting some of the posters up for sale at DeviantArt, head on over and check them out.

Busy is not just a statement anymore, we’re still going. If we ain’t moving we’re probably dead. Tons to do with little time to get it all done. Work is more interesting right now since I’m neck deep in some real sysadmin stuff right now. But all of that aside we have everything crammed into a fun longwinded show.

We discuss Pacman’s Anniversary, Pixel Shaped Glasses, Coffee leaf rust, and the wonders of robots with cupcakes! So many topics and such a fun time with the live event that I simply had to use the full extent of the time. This actually is one of the longer shows we have done in a while. I hope you enjoy. I apologize for any of the sniffles that got through the editing, nobody likes the sniffles

This is my world you’re all just drinking my coffee.

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