Back to Business after being down with the sickness

So it has been a while… Too long really when you think about it. Especially when you only record once a week, But i got sick shortly after Halloween and have been fighting back ever since. Spent the first week so far under the weather I couldn’t see light. This week I’m just overtired, Not too much else to say. I can spend time and apologize for missing so much time or get back to bid-ness of  giving  you  awesome  content to fill your ears. I choose the latter. Enjoy the show.

This is a fun episode we hit up firesheep again, but quickly descend in a my little pony soldering iron induced haze. We touch on the hot topics of math and parenting while keeping it real with some coffee cake love. From Offline filesharing to  flavor  hacking your coffee equipment we touch on so many different topics in this show its  kind-of  a shame it has to end.

How Sick was I? I went a week+ without any coffee… I wouldn’t recommend it.

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