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This week was hot. I mean sweating if you’re thinking too hard hot. We had a lot of fun sitting there, and thinking about ice. But not too many quick and sudden movements. I also spent some of this week bundled up in blankets and a heavy coat, because I got sick. I’m better, heats gone. But it will be back. Why is 3 days of 90 degrees a heat wave, what is 3 days over 100? The weather goons have spiffy names for everything why not… maybe…  Microwave… On high. First they took snowpocalypse, then then abused wind chill, now I’m waiting for the final killing blow.

But all that sweating aside, we have a ton of hot sweaty good news for you today. It may be a little moist but come one some words are just fun to say, now say that one with me…. Moist. Alright we’re done here. On to the Tech News! If i say anything wrong I’m blaming it on my fever. I swear.

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