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It has been quite a long layoff. But the takeaway before you read anything else is that we are back and better than ever. Over 6 years since I last published an episode, 2012 – now! Or I dropped the mic so to speak. When I last left you lots of things were different but nothing more than myself. I was having a hard time finding joy in doing these shows, and in a lot of other things. Since that time I recognized it wasn’t the show or anything else, there was something off internally. And I got the help I needed. So I sit before you a humbled man. Lots of people expressed to me how much the enjoyed the show, and how they missed it. After a while, I started missing it. Lending my voice to something fun, when the world around seems dark and angry was uplifting. I promise to give you content that is better spelled this time around. I promise to bring in other voices to share the airwaves with me from time to time. And I promise to bring the fun.

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Final Thought…

  • Any episode worth airing needs more cowbell, especially from robots!

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