Just sit right back you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a fateful trip, down memory lane and internet fame to a dulcet-toned quest. We have right here upon this show some wonderful geeky news, about ancestral blues and kiddie cartoons and other delightful quips. We bounce around the internet like a frantic caffeine drip, skittering, tickling in your ears as a humming buzzy bee. I’d like to stop this rhyming song but I’m afraid it’s gone too far, to stop right now would be a crime and we can afford to do no time, so you’ll have to endure.

That really got away from me there. A new paragraph can solve all sorts of things. I hope this episode finds you all well and truly caffeinated. May the quick paced news and information jammed into this show give you a bit of information, and a chuckle or two on its way.

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