Spent a decent amount of time under the hood of the website trying to get all the bits and bobs working correctly. Please continue to let me know if everything is working correctly or not.On today’s show, you will find a lot of science news, from new species in the news to invasive species rundowns. SCIENCE!!! We also go over some of the more interesting facts and figures of the day.

iTunes is now live! So that is a plus, as well as Google Podcasts working swimmingly. We are also starting to accept donations now, officially to help defray the costs of running the show. Anything helps. I’m also looking into starting a Patreon account too, not sure if that would be a better way to go, keeping this podcast free but allowing some people to support if they were able to. We also figured out the Mailing list issues that were plaguing us, turns out the old account is no more. So if you would like to receive email updates please feel free to sign up

Either way with so much going on under the hood it’s hard to stay on top of everything so I really appreciate when people take the time to send in stories or news they find interesting or what to share. We love the support of our listeners, both old and new. Each one of you is a golden light of justice in a dark an ignorant world.

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