Today’s show was the first guest recording in the Lair. The mother’s day show was the first co-hosted show ever. I have awesome parents

Father’s day Mayhem with Paul and Scott

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I’d Like to thank and welcome my Father to the show, the first programmer I ever knew and one of the primary reasons I’m as curious about the world around me that I am. today’s show we cover a couple new territories and makes some jokes along the way. There are a ton of great stories that show up in between the hyperlink so i hope you enjoy.

We cover ground from Beer to BBQ, for Babies to bombs and everything in between. My Father and I have a similar sense of humor and this show worked really well as a whole I’m exceedingly happy as to how it worked. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well.

I’m getting the cohost bug i might start inviting people to share the Caffination with me. Its turned out to be fun so far what do you think?

Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

Geek Cruft

Food & Caffeinated Bits

Today’s Coffee:

Rundown Tasting: Prelude to a review

  • Flying Fish Imperial Espresso Porter
  • It would be nice to compare the three olives espresso vodka… but alas we can’t find it anywhere locally
  • Pinnacle Le Double Espresso Vodka

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!