I don’t often get a chance to give my opinion of a good unique product here. There are times when i come across them and I feel the need to jump on it. Canned Coffee is quite popular in Asia, I am told, but beyond the horrible Starbucks Doubleshots and frappicinos they are few and far between state-side.

One of my Favorite spots to eat on campus, Temple University Main Campus, is the Japanese & Korean Lunch Truck that was featured in this episode of Philly Food Guys. Teppanyaki is some good food let me tell you. I work on a college campus so the lunch truck thing never bothered me. But this truck is special beyond the fantastic food, they also carry Hello Boss Coffee. The can has changed recently but the flavor is the same. Its no where near healthy for you but it is awesome stuff.


The can is about twice as thick as any normal can used for soft drinks in the US, and thus holds a colder temperature longer. The new can doesn’t have the same cartoons on it as the old on but the Red for French Roast helps differentiate between flavors. I’ll try more flavors and take more photos in the future.


What it really comes down to is that this tastes like an iced latte that you would make at home, real coffee, real sugar and real good. 26 g of sugar so its not diet food but its very tasty food. Most drinks in the US are sweetened with Corn Syrup, this has sugar. Instead of Coffee Flavoring you get coffee as an ingredient, good stuff no matter how you slice it.

So in closing Drink this coffee, don’t drink alot of it, but enjoy it isf you come across a can from time to time.

Click the photo below to view the label in more detail.